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Do you like to watch the scenes endowed with natural beauty?how do you feel when you are at a beautiful natural place(B.N.P.)?after a hectic & tense workday,just stop at a B.N.P. for 15 minutes & then go home,you’ll find that the behaviour of everybody at home is miraculously different.when you step inside your house, everybody is smiling at you.why?because,you are entering your house with a relaxwd look & with a smile at your face.

Now ,which forces are behind this miracle?yes,the five elements-prithvi(earth),jal(water),agni(fire),vayu(air) & aakash(ether).all the beautiful natural places(B.N.P.s) are made up of these five elements,isn’t it?

Whenever you are too stressed with your regular routine consecutively for six months or more,don’t you have an urge to go for a vacation at a B.N.P. for a change?And, once you reach the B.N.P.;be it a sea shore,or a beautiful garden loaded with flowers or a valley or a range of mountains or a riverside etc.,you start feeling as if you are a part of that B.N.P..

You ,at that particular moment, feel yourself as a part of that B.N.P. & you cannot even think of getting away from that spot.You like the place so much that you start taking photographs & when you come back,you make an album where these photographs are very carefully maintained.And ,you make sure that different albums are made for different trips.

And then,whenever you are stressed ,you just have a look at those phtographs of B.N.P.s & your memories are refreshed again.And ,you again feel almost the same calm & relaxation which you felt during the trip.

One of my close friends was planning to build a house for his family & he went to an Architect cum Interior Designer.Since he had ample land,more than half of it was kept for a beautiful lawn with a landscape.and inside a provision for huge wall sized sceneries of B.N.P.s were made.Why?because,being close to nature(five elements)is our nature and brings us peace & calm.

Now ,the big question is why?Why we always want to be so close to nature(five elements)?
Ok,when someone passes away,the dead body is cremated and it is said that the body is dissolved back into five elements.It is also said that body has gone back from where it had originally evolved.In fact,according to Nyaya Darshan,your five senses(nose,tongue,eyes,skin & ears) are directly evolved through five elements(earth,water,fire,air & sky).Sounds strange?But,it is true.According to Maharishi Gautam ,the characteristics of five elements are same as the faculties of the five senses.And,he emphasises this truth through sutras 1/12,1/13 & 1/4 in Nyaya Darshan.

According to these sutras,

Smell(gandh) is the characteristic of earth(prithvi) & it is the faculty of nose(nasika).
Taste(ras) is the characteristic of water(jal) & it is the faculty of tongue(jivha).
Sight(roop) is the characteristic of fire (light) and it is the faculty of eyes(netra).
Touch(sparsh) is the characteristic of air(vayu) and it is the faculty of skin(twacha).
Sound(shabd)is the characteristic of ether(aakash) and it is the faculty of ears(kshotra).

Now it is evident that your senses are so closely associated with the five elements and this is the reason you like the vicinity of B.N.P.s.

Now,the big question is,”how can i use this knowledge for entering the state of meditation?”

If you close your eyes & start visualising a beautiful natural place,the place you liked the most out of many B.N.P.s visited uptil now,how would you feel?Is there any possibility that while visualising the B.N.P.,you might start feeling so relaxed that you start reaching subconscious level of your mind?

So,from now on,try to close your eyes after every two to three hours during the daytime and visualise a B.N.P. for two minutes.After you open your eyes,you will feel so calm & quiet that you will start looking forward to repeat the experience for longer periods.


Mukul Chaudhri

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